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The phrase Each One Teach One is an African proverb that originated in the United States during slavery when Africans were denied education. When someone learned how to read or write, it became their responsibility to teach someone else. The idea is to spread knowledge for the betterment of your community.

Each One Teach One Foundation’s mission is to connect students, businesses and universities with opportunities which help develop the awareness, skills, attitudes and perspectives that contribute to successful life outcomes while improving our community. Our goal is to provide full ride scholarships to students who return to the community upon graduation bringing their talent and education and teaching those that follow in their footsteps. ie., our goal is to partner with franchises which will not only teach students their trade but also give them an opportunity to own their franchise. Some of the franchises we are currently researching are Len’s Crafters for the aspiring Optometrist, Local insurance Corporations for the aspiring agency owners, Hamburger University for the aspiring McDonald’s owner, Mathnasium Learning Center franchises and Montessori Academies allowing financial aide support for beginning students.

Our goal is to partner with Indiana University by reinstating Kiddie College allowing younger children the exposure to college classes as well as the college environment and independence. We also aim to assist with their ongoing Intermediate social media program.

Our mentoring program is designed to increase the employability prospects of underprivileged adolescents as well as those that choose not to attend college but still contribute to the business community. Some of our local successful mentors include but are not limited to:

  • FIRESIGN PRINTING- owner Guy Spencer
  • K&B WRIGHT ONE Auto detailing, Real Estate and Insurance – owner Kenneth & Belinda Wright
  • Excellence By Design – painting and decorating owner Norma Williams
  • Day’s Asphalt and Paving – owner Robert Day
    Phyllis Fabrics- Sewing and Alterations

Each One Teach One Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies on community support, grant funding and donations to deliver quality services, family entertainment and personal development of our community.


The earliest marching bands in America were most likely the fifers, drummers, trumpeters, and pipers of Colonial-era militias. Like their European predecessors, these bands functioned to regulate daily life in military camps, give signals or pass orders in battle, and boost the morale of soldiers during wartime (White 1944: 9). Each company had at least one drummer and fifer (Southern 1983: 43). Historians Al Right and Stanley Newcomb maintain that when the Continental Congress drafted the bill forming the United States Marine Corps in 1775, the bill “also provided for a Marine Band consisting of one drum major, one fife major, and 32 drums and fifes” (1970: 65).

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