about us

Each One Teach One Foundation is a non- profit all school alumni organization dedicated to improving the quality of education and learning environment of children in our communities.

Our mission is to provide scholarships to students through our structured educational services under the advisement of seasoned veterans as well as legislative alumni including dedicated retired principals and superintendents as well as honor students, Valedictorians, Salutatorians and college interns through partnerships with various after school and summer programs.

Our services will range from one on one mentoring, financial literacy programs, college entrance prep exams, career fairs and internship programs with businesses throughout the community.

Our annual signature event, Steel City Drum line Battle of the Bands will be one of several opportunities we will presenting which will assist us in reaching our goal. The Battle of the Bands was created to support, celebrate and recognize the excellence of Black College Marching bands and the unique academic experience offered by Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

A true game changer, Each One Teach One Foundation is strong in their determination to make an impact on the success of our youth.


The earliest marching bands in America were most likely the fifers, drummers, trumpeters, and pipers of Colonial-era militias. Like their European predecessors, these bands functioned to regulate daily life in military camps, give signals or pass orders in battle, and boost the morale of soldiers during wartime (White 1944: 9). Each company had at least one drummer and fifer (Southern 1983: 43). Historians Al Right and Stanley Newcomb maintain that when the Continental Congress drafted the bill forming the United States Marine Corps in 1775, the bill “also provided for a Marine Band consisting of one drum major, one fife major, and 32 drums and fifes” (1970: 65).